Partial reversal of aging achieved in mice

November 30th, 2010

This has to make Ray Kurzweil happy. Maybe humans are next?


Researchers led by Ronald A. DePinho (above), a Harvard Medical School professor of genetics, say their work shows for the first time a dramatic reversal of many aspects of age-related degeneration in mice, a milestone in aging science achieved by engineering mice with a controllable telomerase gene. The projection of chromosomes seen here shows telomeres (highlighted in red) on their ends. Read the article here…….

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Cool ad for new Windows Phone 7

October 12th, 2010

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Chattanooga – First U.S. city with GIG Internet service

September 13th, 2010

That’s right folks. Chattanooga is the first U.S. city to offer 1Gbps internet service, only $350/mo!

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Two new favorite web tools – Grooveshark & Seesmic Web

September 8th, 2010

I’ve been a regular of for a long time, however after trying out Grooveshark for online music I think I’m switching.

I’ve tried TweetDeck, and monitoring twitter lists from my twitter account, but I’m always distracted and unable to make sense of all the “noise” Seesmic web solves that problem, and adds Facebook & LinkedIN streams as well. The interface is top notch.

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Crazy Day: Savannah Rose is on the way & SMobile is sold.

July 28th, 2010

Yesterday was a big news day for me.

#1) We found out we’re having a baby girl. Her name is Savannah Rose, and I can’t wait to meet her and be a Dad.

#2) The company I co-founded in 2002, SMobile systems, sold to Juniper Networks. Congrats to both SMobile and Juniper.

That’s a lot of news in one day.

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Pure Motivation – Will Smith Fantastic Video

May 11th, 2010

Now get off your Butt!

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Why I’m switching from Flickr to Picasa

February 12th, 2010

I have been on Flickr for years, and it’s an outstanding online photo service. I also didn’t mind paying the $25/yr for unlimited photo uploads. It’s a great way to forever backup my iphoto albums, and easily share them online.

However, when I look at Google’s Picasa, I get most of the same features as Flickr, and I can pay $5/yr for 20GB of storage (which I can also use across multiple services..such as gmail and google documents (which I use both).

Also, the big turn off on flickr is that if you don’t pay the annual pro account fee ($25/yr), then Flickr will only display your most recent 200 photos…all others are hidden until you pony up again…no no..not fair.

Since I’ve chosen not to renew, all of my online albums from the past several years are gone….that’s fine, I’ll just upload them to Picasa from iPhoto (this is why I always keep a local copy of my media!) So, with Google Picasa, I get all of the same features (for the non-pro photographers it’s perfect, which most of us are), I save $20/yr, and I can use this 20GB of storage across other services I use.

20GB can store 10,0000 photos on a 5MP camera…..that’s plenty for me!

Bye bye Flickr for now…..

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TMobile’s for sale – Google should buy

February 5th, 2010

T-Mobile is the 4th largest mobile operator in the U.S., far behind AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint in terms of subscribers.
I’ve been a T-Mobile subscriber for the past 8 years, and in my opinion they have excellent service (voice and data) and being a GSM operator you can travel internationally without having to switch phones – a nice perk.
Rumor is that T-Mobile is looking for a buyer, or to go IPO for a number of reasons, including the build out of their 4G network.
Why do I think Google could be a buyer?

Because the major cable companies have already invested with Sprint-Clearwire venture. They offer the cable customers 4G. If one of them bought T-Mobile, it would be hard to integrate with the current 4G technology (WiMax). This would likely rule out the cable companies.
Sprint and Verizon are out because they run on CDMA technology, not GSM and UMTS as T-Mobile does. MetroPCS and Leap Wireless also run on CDMA. So, the next best company who might be remotely interested would be AT&T.  That’s a possibility, however I think Google has more of an incentive to buy. With Google Voice and now the Nexus One,  like it or not Google is becoming a telecom operator. Perhaps their relationships with carriers will go the way of their relationship with Apple…friends first, now direct competitors :)
I believe Google views the largest U.S. operators as competitors and are obstacles to owning the mobile channel, and if they purchased T-Mobile they would pick-up 33 Million new Google Voice users :)

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Google Voice new wow factor – Click-to-call from web pages

January 27th, 2010

I have been using Google Voice for my voicemail on T-Mobile for several months now. Every time I get a voicemail, I can listen to them online, get an email copy or text message transcription, and keep them archived forever just like email – it’s pretty nice – among many many other features including the capability to send SMS messages from the browser.

Googe Voice Chrome Extension

But, the new “Click to Call” feature is awesome. If you are using the Google Chrome browser, or Chromium on the Mac, you can install the Google Voice extension that allows you to click on a number on any webpage. After clicking, Google Voice will dial your phone and then connect you to that number automatically. For the super lazy, not only do we not need to remember phone numbers anymore with our digital address books, but we now no longer need to dial them either…at least in front a computer :)

I’m probably going to be porting my number to Google as well, as this will allow me to have any service plan (AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon.etc.) depending on who has the best rates or phones available. I’ll no longer be afraid to switch providers because of having to get a new phone number :)

Google also gives you a free number when you sign up. You take your pick based on available numbers. If you need a local number in a new area (I soon will) as a second line, you can use Google and forward that number to any phone for free. Pretty cool!

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The new market for security apps – social websites

January 21st, 2010

This is a quick post because I am super busy and don’t have time to write much on this topic…but, today I read about a new Facebook security application, Defensio, from Websense. It can also be used for blogging platforms, and probably more web applications as well.

The point: — > security applications (malicious content and spam filters) are going to be just as important protecting web applications as they were on the traditional desktop we’re all familiar with. There is a SUPER HUGE market forming here (Facebook, Wordpress, etc.). This is the beginning of a new era for both consumer-based and professional web security applications.

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New Respect for Sharks

January 11th, 2010

I caught this 6 foot black tip shark off of Casey Key, FL on new years eve. I say “caught” but the real truth is I just reeled it in. Our friend Greg did the baiting and paddled out into the dark water on a surf board to drop it into the freezing water so I could have this experience..thanks Greg.

Having never ever hooked into a shark (or any fish that comes close to it) it was the most amazing fishing experience I have ever had.

I was 100% physically exhausted after reeling it in. But, after I caught my breath I was able to soak it up. It was absolutely awesome.

We released the shark after the photo shoot.

Some photos…

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Today, I officially dropped cable TV – for good.

December 14th, 2009

The only reason I held onto my cable service over the past year was to watch sports (ESPN and college football), and some shows that my wife and I enjoy, such as bizarre foods (check it out) and Forensic Files, which were previously only available to us on the Travel Channel and TruTV.

The other perks of keeping our cable connection were that we had an HD DVR, so we could watch beautiful HD television, and record shows that we could watch whenever we got around to it.

All of this for about $55 per month…that’s with promotional pricing from RCN.

On top of our cable subscription we have 5mbps internet service that costs $35/mo…not bad, but also promotional pricing.

Now, it’s a major pet peeve of mine when money is unnecessarily spent. It drives me freakin crazy…and our cable bill was absolutely unnecessary: here’s why:

If you have high-speed Internet and a computer connected to your TV, you do not need to pay for cable service!

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Killer presentation – Internet\Mobile Trends. Thanks Mary Meeker.

November 16th, 2009

Mary Meeker’s Internet Presentation 2009

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Road to recovery – economic indicators

October 29th, 2009




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Is Twitter Mobile Marketing?

October 23rd, 2009


Twitter came on the scene only a few years ago, and although it was originally intended for communications among individuals, it has become a popular marketing platform for some of the world’s largest brands. Companies including Starbucks, ComCast, Whole Foods, Southwest Airlines, Dell and Best Buy are actively using Twitter to communicate with their patrons. Using Twitter is a fabulous way to broadcast alerts, special offers, and other meaningful information to consumers. Given the growing number of third party applications that provide easier ways to monitor the Twitterstream and stay in touch with followers (such as TweetDeck), it’s obvious that Twitter is an outstanding tool for marketers. With all of the recent benefits and buzz, and the ability for consumers to follow updates on their mobile devices, many companies are also turning to Twitter thinking that it is also a mobile marketing platform. Although Twitter does include SMS capabilities, there are several key aspects of traditional permissions-based SMS marketing solutions that Twitter lacks:

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